JATC2015jatc_Altair's Approach to Model-Based Development [英語]


Altairのモデルベース開発ツールがどのように数式、信号ベース、物理および3Dモデリングをサポートするか、1D世界と3D世界の間をシームレスに移動する方法について説明します。Driving innovation through simulation has always been Altair's focus with an emphasis on 3D simulations. Altair is expanding this approach to cover 1D models as well to provide solutions for early concept design where geometry isn’t defined, yet, and for the rapidly growing area of control systems.
The presentation will describe how Altair’s Math & System products will support Math, Signal-Based, Physical and 3D-modeling, and how users can seamlessly move between the 1D and 3D world.

Altair, Michael Hoffmann